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This site shows in an animation how
- electricity and
- 'information about the origin'
are traded and transferred seperate.

Presented below is part of a smart grid,
or at least the part for the disclosure of information regarding the origin of the supplied energy.

With the smart meter and the introduction of smart grids this concept helps to accept the dynamic activity of wind
from a certain windturbine, or solar from certain panels.

The presented system is also part of the official international system for the certified supply of electrical energy,
which is:
- based on a secure connected supply of energy information, ICT systems will be 100% certified.
- based on international agreed new standards for privacy and security.
- may serve per country as a differentiation in tax systems or fiscal systems for renewable energy.

Some instruction for use for the animation:
the start is with coal fired power plant, when you press the green button on GPX,
then the wind will start supply. See what happens next with the coal-fired powerplant...

... The present system for the supply of green or renewable (or certain source) energy is based on Guarantees of Origin.
... The presented system (animation) is based on a secure connected supply of energy information, in which
an energy-account - just like a bank-account - will be part of the supply chain.

An American party has made this youtube animation based on the above idea,
with the title: "Renewable Energy Certificates Explained - American Wind".

In this EU movie below, the production of the windturbines need some allocation of the produced energy...

We presently are looking for a pilot to work out the concept.

This is the first result, http://gpx.eu


For information & contact details:
Bloomberg Businessweek

Additional information.

The supply of information to consumers about the source from which the energy originally was derived is
not necessarily synchronous with the price signal relating to smart grid activity, however this concept is
making clear or easier to understand for consumers how the source relates to the use of energy.

It can be helpful in explaining the difference between "power" and "energy", where power is direct and
depending on real time, energy is time-independant and has a closer relation to ownership and forwarding
the specific energy.

When energy is moving away from being a commodity and moving closer to a special good, a more careful
use of the specific energy may be expected. Also the time-related character of the source(s) can be brought
to the foreground and related to the character of the energy consumption. Energy profiling and smart grid
development can be brought into a more logical relation for consumers.

What is the right moment to implement this system? Make contact for support and detailed information.
Is your computer system time synchronous and congruent with your watch and your smart phone?



- text improvement: 27 July 2011
- added 6 July 2011: an animation (size 1,4 MB) of the "system for certified supply of electrical energy".
- website relaunche: 25 September 2009 to support the idea of GPX mix.
- website launched: 11 August 2008 to support the development of a new system based on secure connected supply of energy information.
- website improved: 17 Februari 2015
- pilot-websitelink changed to http://gpx.eu :13 June 2016
- website: we are transparent and publish the party hosting the site, the host is VIP Internet, we will ask for a green energy consumption volume for hosting this site
- similar application initiatives: 1: http://crownstone.rocks/ 2: http://sunport.co/ 3: http://plugwise.nl/ 4:


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